The Home Comfort Check List:


Use this list to evaluate our home’s comfort and indentify your comfort challenges.


1.)  Are your heating and cooling bills to high?


2.)  Is your indoor unit or your outdoor unit (or both) too noisy?


3.)  Do you have a problem with humidity in the summer?  Or, dry air the winter?


4.)  Are there any rooms in your home that are always too hot or too cold?


5.)  Do you have problems with lingering cooking odors?


6.)  Do you have pets or do any family members suffer from allergies?


7.)  Is your outdoor unit unattractive and not aging well?


8.)  Does your system run all the time?


9.)  Does your furnace short-cycle, constantly turning off and on?


10.)  Is your system easy to maintain with a filter that’s easy to get to and change?


11.)  Is your unit backyard-safe?


12.)  Is your system still covered by a warranty?



Home comfort is a hard thing to define.  You can’t see it or touch it, but we all know it when we feel it – and when we don’t.  Many homeowners take heating and air conditioning systems for granted, until of course, the air conditioner stops running on the hottest day of the year, or the furnace breaks down on the coldest day of the year.  Of course everybody thinks about getting immediate relief.  But, there’s more to home comfort than that.  There’s also its quality and consistency to consider.  Unfortunately, homes are not always as comfortable as they could be – or should be, even when out systems are working.  And, many times, homeowners have learned to live with uncomfortable and noisy conditions, simply because they didn’t know there was a way to remedy them.  But there is.


Today, most comfort challenges can be solved with the selection of the right heating and air conditioning system.  And, that’s particularly true if your home has a system that’s 10-years old or older.  That’s because the heating and air conditioning industry has made great strides in energy efficiency, indoor air quality, noise control and other issues that affect your home comfort.


For years, many homeowners thought of their air conditioner or furnace as just another home appliance.  Now, however, heating and air conditioning systems can be completely integrated into your living environment, enhancing your home’s livability, room by room by room – regardless of the season.  And, because of sophisticated technology and innovative manufacturing processes, you can now purchase a home comfort system that vies you the most comfort for your energy dollar while actually adding long term value to your home.


You Have Some Choices To Make.


When it’s time to purchase a heating and air conditioning systems, you’ll find you have some choices to make.  That’s because there are a variety of system and component configurations to choose from, each with its own set of features and benefits.  Each system configuration is based on a specific set of comfort needs, which means the first step in the selection process is to identify your comfort challenges.  By evaluating your current comfort conditions and itemizing your expectations, you’ll be better able to focus on the right solutions for your home.