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ComfortPASS ® HVAC Maintenance Programs


Gra-Tac Heating and Cooling provides ComfortPASS ® HVAC Maintenance Programs for Southern Kentucky homeowners.  Have one of Gra-Tac's licensed Kentucky HVAC Journeymen Technicians keep your HVAC Systems in good working order, this helps with energy efficiency, saving you money on utility bills every month of the year.  As we all know a maintained HVAC System breaksdown less often.


Comfort Systems


With close to 50% of your home's utility bill going toward Heating and Cooling – HVAC Maintance, Repair, and Replacement are very important in Bowling Green and Southern Kentucky.  Gra-Tac Heating and Cooling's mission is to help Southern Kentucky Homeowners with their Heating, Cooling, Indoor Air Quality, and Energy Savings needs.


Existing Homes:  As HVAC Systems age, their efficiency, performance, and reliability decrease.  We usually see an average life expectancy of HVAC systems at 16 years.


Even if your HVAC System is still running, is it costing you more money than it's worth?


1992 – 10 SEER (Season Energy Efficiency Ratio – like Gas Mileage, but for your cooling system – the higher the number, the less electricity the system uses.) was the Federally Mandated Minimum Efficiency Standard.


2006 – 13 SEER became the Federally Mandated Minimum Efficiency Standard.  That is close to 30% less electricity being used, with some systems available that use less than 50% of the 1992 level.


2015 – 14 SEER  IS HERE, the NEW Federally Mandated Minimum Efficiency Standard.  Gra-Tac started early installing a good percentage of 14 SEER or higher systems, due to Federal, State, TVA, and other incentive programs.  13 SEER units built before December 31st, 2014 are still in the supply change, but running out fast.


As a Bryant Comfort Dealer, Gra-Tac Heating and Cooling primarily installs Bryant Air Conditioners, Gas Furnaces, and Heat Pumps.  


New Construction:  Through the years Gra-Tac Heating and Cooling has been the HVAC Contractor for many new homes.  Currently Gra-Tac works for a select few Home Builders.  We work with home builders and new homeowners to insure HVAC systems are Code Compliant, provide many years of trouble free service, and maintain comfort and energy efficiency.


Rental Property:  Gra-Tac Heating and Cooling has installed the HVAC systems in some of the big Apartment Projects off Scottsville Road in Bowling Green, KY.  As well as many smaller projects including a recent project in downtown Bowling Green, KY.  We also Service, Maintain, and Replace HVAC Systems for Apartment Management Companies and Individual Apartment Building and Rental Home Owners.


Indoor Air Quality


Gra-Tac Heating and Cooling knows the importance of Indoor Air Quality, indoor air pollution has been shown to affect homeowners health.  That is why Gra-Tac sells, installs, and services Air Filtration Systems, Dehumidifiers, Steam Humidifiers, UV Air Purifiers, Ventilators, and other Indoor Air Quality products.  More information available at our Indoor Air Quality Page.

Gra-Tac recently was named a Healthy Air Specialist by Bryant for completing coursework and passing a comprehensive test in Indoor Air Quality topics.




Gra-Tac's licensed Kentucky HVAC Journeymen Technicians can diagnose HVAC problems and make repairs efficiently and professionally.  If you have have a NO HEAT, NO COOL, or OTHER HVAC PROBLEM in South Central Kentucky call Gra-Tac Heating and Cooling at 270-843-1514 to help restore your home comfort.


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